in development with co-create Isabella Sazak

The transition between conscious and unconscious worlds. The thin, liminal line between the female body and the animal body. Boiler rooms and steam tunnels. A dance with and for death. Stone, steel, flesh, fruit. A rite of passage, a fever dream.

PSYCHOPUMP received a 3-day development residency at South Oxford Space (Brooklyn) in January, 2017.

border. a line between two spaces/things that proposes to separate those spaces/things. but in trying to separate two things, you’ve created a third thing - the border itself, which now exists as its own entity, its own location. 

what happens at that borderline?
what kind of communities arrive there / arise there / remain there?
what is the soul of a place that only exists for people passing through?
does it have its own internal borders, and on and on into infinity?
what does it look like when it’s empty?
when it’s full?